Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Adventure begins soon!

Back by popular demand, Choose Your Own Adventure returns to Mavenland on February 1st for the Maven Valentine CYOA extravaganza.

Vote for genre/time period on the left! Only a few days left!

We will be announcing the list of authors very soon. To get an idea of what the CYOA is all about, here's a link to last year's hilarious Maven Halloween CYOA.

As always, the Manuscript Mavens would like to thank CYOA for graciously letting us borrow the "Choose Your Own Adventure" name. Choose Your Own Adventure is a trademark of Chooseco LLC, Waitsfield, VT. Check them out at The trademark has been used by permission herein. Thanks, CYOA!


Bill Clark said...

Looks like historical and futuristic are tied so far. What about bending the rules of time and space to allow interaction between the two?

Jennifer Linforth said...

Oh. Great. Like I am going to meet deadlines in Feb now?

Um... NOT.


B.E. Sanderson said...

Hooray! Thank you, Chooseco! =oD

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