Friday, February 15, 2008

CYOA Valentine's Day - What's It Called?

Thank you EVERYONE for joining in our fun Valentine's Day Choose Your Own Adventure®. We could not have done it without our fabulous guest authors: Colleen Gleason, Jody Wallace, Amie Stuart, Debra Dixon, Deanna Lee, Karen Lingefelt, Terri Reed, Julia Buckley, Virginia Henley, Julia Harper, Delilah Marvelle, and C.L. Wilson. A thousand, million thank yous for your brilliance, wit, and support. And let's hear it for our home-grown Maven authors, Erica Ridley and Jackie Barbosa. Finally, thank you readers for making our blog so much fun every day of the year!

Now it's time to vote on a title! Following is a list of submissions posted after the last chapter. Vote for your favorite between now and 3 pm Eastern on Friday, February 15. Or, write in a new one! The winning title will be posted after 3:00 and its maker will win a fabulous prize! (Unless you choose one of Erica's titles in which case she'll get shanked. Just kidding.)

All I Wanted Was Some Chocolate
Big Nose, Big Package
Cara Heart's Heart: An XXXX-Rated Valentine's Day Romp
Cara's Heart-Shaped Box
Cara's Valentine
Cara's Valentine Confession
Cara's Valentine's Day Package
Chocolate, Hunks, and a Poodle
Cupid Strikes Back
Cupid's Machete
Dames, Danger, & Doggy-style
Dangerous Delivery
Dateless and Confused On Valentine's Day
Dog Run
Dogged Romance
Double Trouble
Feelin' Lucky?
Flasher In The Woods
Following Cara's Heart
Give Me Chocolate or Die
Good Things Come in Large Packages
Grooms, Guns, and Godiva
Heart Shapes and I’m Not Talking Chocolate
Hearts and Shamrocks: Creative Shaving Techniques for All Occasions
Hearts, Hunks, and Happiness
How I Met the McStudMuffin
How to Carve a Poodle
How to love a Man Without chocolate
I Swear I Didn't Order A Stripper
Is That a Poodle in Your Pocket or Are You Just Happy to See Me?
Jayson and the Golden Fleece
Love Unleashed
Love and the Package
Machete Mayhem
Machete of Love
Machetes Are a Girl's Best Friend
My Heart-Shaped Box
Not Without Chocolate
Of Pelts and Fur
Oh Noes! It's Valentines Again
Pistols and Poodles
Poodle Love
Poodle Packing Grandmas
Posh Poodle’s Valentine Surprise
Puppy Love
Secret Agent Stripper
She Stole My Face, So I Stole Her Boyfriend
Shootout in Cara's Corral
That Ain't A Gun In His Pocket
The Bad Girl's Guide to Grooming
The Lady or the Poodle?
The Many Faces of Cara
The Nose Knows
The PETOP Caper
The PETOP Fiasco
The Package
The Poodle Caper
The Problem of the Purloined Package: A Valentine's Day Mystery
The Secret Agent Tycoon's Texas Cowgirl Valentine Surprise
The True Story of Ms. Cara Heart's Unforgettable Valentine's Day
The Valentine's Day Almost-Massacre
The Valentine's Day Machete Massacre
The Way to a Girl's Heart...
Twinkles' Machete Valentine's Day Surprise
Valentine’s Day Fiasco
What No Chocolate?
What’s Valentine without Chocolate
When the Doorbell Rings

Check back after 3 pm Eastern to see whose title won, and for a complete list of prize winners. A winner every day! A grand prize winner! A title winner! It's raining winners!

So what's it going to be? Jayson's Golden Fleece, Machete of Love, The Package, or Cara's Heart Shaped Box? Or something else? Or how about If You Show Me Your Heart, I'll Show You My Package?


Isabel said...

Oy, this has to be the most difficult vote for me...

Can't decide, for the moment it's between:

Of Pelts and Fur


Dogged Romance

Erica Ridley said...

Much as I wanted Big Nose, Big Package (*g), I'm going to have to go with:

My Heart-Shaped Box

Maggie Robinson said...

Cupid's Machete...but it was hard to pick just one.

B.E. Sanderson said...

Hard to choose. There are so many good ones, but I'm going to have to pick Pistols and Poodles.

MsHellion said...

I like The Valentine's Day Almost Massacre

(I don't want to mention the machete--that's such a wonderful twist, why give it away in the title!)

Vicki said...

Very hard to decide this time. I like several of them, but I'm going with... My Heart Shaped Box

Stephanie H. said...

I still love SHE STOLE MY FACE SO I STOLE HER BOYFRIEND! This title is just so great :)

Bill Clark said...

I like them all! I can't pick just one - they're ALL so great!

OK, I'll spend the next two hours and fifty minutes trying to decide...

Patricia W. said...

Chocolate, Hunks, and a Poodle

tetewa said...

I'm going to have to ge with Valentine's Day Fiasco!

LeeAnn said...

I like "Cara's Valentine's Day Package"

Bill Clark said...

Oh, heck, I *still* can't decide.

Cara's Valentine

Darcy Burke said...

I have to go with My Heart-Shaped Box. It's too perfect in so many ways.

Bill Clark said...

The polls closed at 3, Darcy, but your choice seems to have won nonetheless. I agree - it works on a number of levels and thus embodies - er, encapsulates - many of the story's themes. I probably would have voted for it but for the fact that I might have appeared to be following Erica's and Vicki's lead - heaven forfend! :-)

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