Monday, September 3, 2007

Happy Labor Day from the Mavens!

We hope you're enjoying the holiday weekend, whether that means out and about doing fun stuff, at home relaxing, or finally cleaning out your closet/office/car/whatever.

YOUR TURN: So tell us... What've you been up to this weekend??


Isabel said...

Happy labor day to you too! I'm taking break from writing. This has been my most productive weekend yet!

lacey kaye said...

Having way, way too much fun.

B.E. Sanderson said...

We moved back in July, and I finally organized my library. Spent most of the day alphabetizing my books by author, and sorting out fiction from non. Big fun, lemme tell ya.

Happy Labor Day, everyone.

lacey kaye said...

That's on my list of things to do before people start visiting me in the fall. I want to wow them with my mad organizational skillz.

I guess it probably won't, though, now that I've outed it's current languishing condition on the internet?

Unknown said...

We went tubing on the Ichetucknee River (Lacey, you must know the Ichetucknee) and my two year old kept trying to throw me out of the little inflatable boat we were sharing. Once he got used to the river and the sensation of floating, he was done with me. He kept saying, "Zachy's boat. Mommy swim."

Hope everyone had a great day. I'll be cleaning closets next week. Ugh.

Bill Clark said...

Did a little bit of everything on Erica's list: rode the ferryboat out to the bigger of the town's two islands, walked over to the lighthouse, sat on a rock and read and enjoyed the fabulous weather and view; then went home to relax and chat with the cute babysitter for the neighbor's kid; then attacked a pile of To Be Filed stuff that has been whelping dust bunnies for lo! too many years; and then made miniscule progress on reading and disposing of a tiny smidgen of the stuff that overflows the carseat which is the repository of my "red-light" reading (which has nothing to do with brothels, alas, but is rather stuff that can be picked up at a red light and read briefly while waiting for the green).

Biggest frustration of the weekend was not being able to go online for three days - the libraries were closed, and my ancient (well, five-year-old) iMac soccer ball running OS 9.2 has been frozen out by the newer versions of Yahoo and Blogger, which apparently now require OS 10.x in order to communicate. Bother!

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