Thursday, November 15, 2007

Bios are for Losers: Maven Lacey Hedges and Hides


Hello, faithful readership, new readership, and other soon-to-be-devoted followees! I'm Maven Lacey -- the Thursday Maven -- and I am ready to do my part to achieve Maven World Domination. To that end, I recently decided it was time I started behaving like an adult instead of an oversexed, stoned teenager. Starting with stopping my habit of saying things like oversexed, stoned teenager.

As you may or may not be able to tell, I haven't gotten very far on that point. I have, however, inched a few baby steps in the Writing Fabulous Pieces of Mind Control Software category... Er, I mean writing scenes for my book which certainly has NOTHING to do with mind control, domination or software.

Most of you are aware that I'm the Process Maven, the List Maven, She Who Demands a Status Report Maven, and all-around wonderful Task Master Maven. Basically, I'm the puppeteer and Maven Erica is the marionette.

KIDDING! Not even close. I blog humbly at the mercy of Maven Erica and my fellow Mavenettes. With that in mind, I shall run back into my cave before anything really exciting about me can make it onto the internet. After all, upstaging Mavens is a bad, bad thing.

RANDOM QUESTION: What is the absolute best way to spend a Friday evening? I have one coming up here pretty soon and I tend to waste it on...sleeping.



Erica Ridley said...

I'll show you a puppeteer!!!

Tez Miller said...

Random question: What exactly is a maven? I've come across the term before, but I just realised that I'm not entirely sure what it means. *embarrassed*

Have a lovely day! :-)

lacey kaye said...

No problem, Tez! According to

-noun expert or connoisseur.

Also, mavin.

[Origin: 1960–65; < Yiddish < Heb: connoisseur]

Mostly, I think it went really well with "manuscript," so...

Vicki said...

Best way to spend a Friday night...hmmmm...

Start with the evening just prior to sunset. Sitting outside one of the many beach pubs, sipping your favorite drink and watch as the sun slowly slips under it's water blanket for the night.

Continue watching and depending on where you are you'll see the moon rising from the same exact spot, casting it's erie glow across the water.

Then round the evening out listening to a great jazz band. :D

Of course there is always popcorn and movies at home too.

Carrie Ryan said...

Vicki I'm with you -- that sounds perfect! JP and I usually always go out to dinner on Friday night and then come home, sit in front of the fire and play games or talk about writing. To me, Friday is all about unwinding and not worrying about anything!

Bill Clark said...

Wow! Amazing bio! I can't wait for the Hollywood version!

Seriously, would it kill you to let your "faithful readership" see a pet picture or hear about the story you wrote in grade school that the teacher read to the whole class? (Not to mention what the whole class did to you afterwards to get even!)

Or whatever. A crumb or two from the rich repast that no doubt constitutes your life - something, anything, to nourish our tabloid-induced hunger for the latest news of Brangelina or Britney. Or rather, some solid food about a real person instead of the pap the papers serve up about the celebs...

*Bill is getting hungry and goes off in search of a snack*

lacey kaye said...

Yeah, Vicki, that does sound really, really good. I think I'd better start collecting some of those things now, though -- like a boyfriend and a few hours of non-frigid,, dry weather! Ah, but I do love Seattle...

Bill, the mystery is the fun! If I told you everything now, what would bring you back?

But I will give you a hint: I have two new albums up at!

Marnee Bailey said...

Bill - LOL. You crack me up.

Lacey - I love to cook on Friday nights. With friends over or without. Something a little more labor intensive than a regular weekday repast. Something that requires chopping, to help burn off the energy of the week. (Tomorrow I'm making roast chicken, twice baked potatoes, and an endive salad). A nice glass of wine, some music. Yummy desert after dinner, then parking it on the couch with some girly movie (or adjust for company) and pass out in a wine-induced coma.

However, if you hate to cook, this might not work. Then I suggest going to a nice dive bar that has greasy food, pigging out on quesadillas, fries covered in cheese and sour cream, and spinach and artichoke dip, and drowning the remains of the week in martinis/margaritas/wine or whatever combo of this you choose.

lacey kaye said...

And with the second, you prove you know me in an almost scarily-eerie way :-)

Bill Clark said...

The page cannot be found
The page you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable.


Please try the following:

If you typed the page address in the Address bar, make sure that it is spelled correctly.

Open the home page, and then look for links to the information you want.
Click the Back button to try another link.
Click Search to look for information on the Internet.

HTTP 404 - File not found
Internet Explorer

Well, Lacey, as you say, the mystery is the fun...the above is what I got when I clicked on the link you provided to your web site. Very mysterious!

lacey kaye said...

I thought I fixed that yesterday. Gah. Thanks!

lacey kaye said...

It works for us over here. Try right-clicking on the image and choosing "Open shortcut." ?

Marnee Bailey said...

Lacey - I thought we might have that in common. I am a HUGE fan of the dive bar, provided they have some good yummies and some better drinks. :)

Erica Ridley said...

Bill, try this: Link to Lacey's blog

Anonymous said...

Hhmmm... a great way to spend a Friday evening? Hanging out with friends... watching a great movie... perhaps just reading a great book.


Bill Clark said...

Yay! Erica's link worked! She is *so* stupendous!

(Of course, I had already simply clicked on Lacey's blog link on the Mavens' home page...Mrs. Clark didn't raise any dummies in her family, no siree. But the good part of this whole misadventure is that Lacey used the word "albums" in her reply to my comment, which made Mrs. Clark's clever boy scratch his head when he only saw two what does he do but try a tentative click, and finds himself immediately rewarded with lots more pics of Mavens surrounded by food and drink and storyboards...whee!! You learn something every day, no matter how smart you may think you already are. Sorta keeps one humble....)

lacey kaye said...


/keels over in shock

Glad to see you! I see you slipped me your chat alias, too. Nice.

Bill, glad you made it! Of course it did not occur to me the problem was my stupid hyperlink in the comments and not the picasa links on the blogs. Grrr for wasted time & stupidity!

Darcy Burke said...

Erum!!! I second the keeling over! Great to see you!!

Friday night fun is anything that lets you unwind and relish two upcoming days of sleeping in. Oh wait, that was before the Burkettes...

Anonymous said...

LOL... I thought I'd get your attention.

Um... I slipped you my chat alias? When did I do that? And what is it, if I may ask?

lacey kaye said...

Well, if you don't know you did it then it's probably not worth much to me. Sigh.

You sent me an email from your personal account, which happens to also be your chat alias in said account chat's system. Which made me excited. But I guess that if you didn't know that then you don't use the chat option, which means I shall never chat you! wah!

Jackie Barbosa said...

Starting with stopping my habit of saying things like oversexed, stoned teenager.

Well, shucks. I guess I'm STILL not a grown-up.

/Rubs hands together.


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