Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Happy Holidays!!

Maven Carrie RyanThis week I'm going a little "blog-light" as I'm having way too much fun with my family to think about writing :) However, Erica re-posted her wonderful post about goals that bears re-reading. I remember reading that post last year and sitting down and really thinking through my goals of 2007 and I plan on doing the same for 2008. I hope everyone will join me and together, we can keep each other accountable :) Plus, it's pretty cool to look back on all of your goals and realize that you reached a lot of them :)

OK, must run now -- Santa came last night and there's lots of fun to be had this morning :) Happy Holidays!


lacey kaye said...

Santa came! Santa came!

Isabel said...

Happy Holidays, friends!

Bill Clark said...

Carrie, you get extra credit for posting on Christmas! Hope Santa was good to you!

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