Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Shameless Self-Promotion

Maven Darcy BurkeToday I'm indulging in shameless self-promotion. A few weeks ago I was interviewed by our local newspaper. They received a press release regarding my Golden Heart final from RWA who graciously sends them to three media outlets (designated by me). I had no idea if the press releases would bear fruit and was thrilled to get a call from Kristen Forbes who wanted to interview me for the article.

I'd never done an interview before! But I'm a talker (no, really?), so it was pretty easy (okay, except when I spotted a couple of teachers from my daughter's school at a nearby table and had a moment's panic for some inexplicable reason). The only problem was not asking her a bunch of questions in return (which I ended up doing anyway - she was incredibly nice and fun to talk to). I'm just amazed at how much information she packed into the article. And I'd even forgotten a few things I'd said. She took awesome notes.

Ever done an interview? Been on the news? What about from the other side - ever interviewed anyone? What's the one thing you'd like to share about yourself - dish it here!

Oh, and here's the article of course!


Marnee Bailey said...

Great interview, Darcy!! :)

Yay you!!

And the day care gave your daughter someone else's breastmilk!? Good grief.

Best of luck with Glorious. I've got my fingers crossed for you.

Bill Clark said...

w00t!! Great interview!!

Whenever I see a live TV camera around town (and with all the weird things that go on around here, that's pretty often), I'm always quick to offer a pithy sound bite to two. Not the same as an interview, I know, but it's fun to have people call up from all over the country saying, "I saw you on TV!!"

Of course, since I don't watch TV (too habit-forming), I never know exactly what it is I said that was found airworthy. Sorta like what you say about forgetting things you said. But my friends assure me that whatever it was, it came out just fine. *Sigh of relief*

Erica Ridley said...

I used to be in the local papers all the time as a kid, for various things. And I was a staffmember of both the school newspaper and school yearbook all through school (I *started* my elementary school paper) so I've done plenty of interviews.

As an adult, however, not so much... unless you count the time I was interviewed for a scrapbooking article in the St. Pete Times. (Tampa paper)

No writing interviews thus far, though... but when I do, I want to be just like you! Your interview totally rocks!!!

Jessica Burkhart (Jess Ashley) said...

I was interviewed for the local paper when I got my book deal and it was nerve wracking at first.

*I* usually conduct the interviews, so it was weird being on the different side of things.

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