Wednesday, September 10, 2008

That Crazy Internet

Maven Darcy BurkeHowdy Mavenland! I had to share something I learned this evening from my brother...he found our cousins. Were they lost? Not really, just lost to us. Long story short: Our father had one sister and she moved to Denmark in 1951. I only met her once in the early 80s. We lost touch with her (and consequently our cousins) after our grandmother died in 1987 (my father died the previous year). I'd always wondered what was going on with them, but it never, ever occurred to me to Google them.

And how stupid was that.

See, my aunt was an actress, and a rather famous one in Denmark. She has a page in Danish Wikipedia! And my eldest cousin, Kim Sagild, was in a successful latin/jazz/funk band (Buki-Yamaz - they have a myspace page with super groovy music!) and went on to do something in music (he came to visit once also - I remember him as being so, so, so cool - I think I was maybe 9?). My other two cousins, Paprika (if you go to her page here at Internet Movie Database, click on the first trailer for The Substitute and watch what happens to her at the end!) and Nikolaj Steen were also artists, but I'd no idea Paprika won the equivalent of the Danish Oscar - for both best actress and supporting the same year! Wild.

My brother gets credit for finding them and is trying to make contact. I hope he's successful and that we'll be able to swap photos and stories. I'm certain we have much to share about our families and I'm really excited about the possibilities.

Ah, Internet, sometimes your powers are far more good than evil.

So what's the Internet done for you lately?


Anonymous said...

Just this week, the Internet let me find a very good friend that I lost contact with in 1981 or so, when I moved to Alaska. I ahd tried hunting her up before with no luck, but I tried one last time, and she popped up! She's an artist in Idaho, not terribly fr away, so we're going to try to get together in the near future.

Yay Internet!

Anonymous said...

Looks like I can't type this morning. Sorry for the typos, everyone. :)

Darcy Burke said...

Hi Lisa! What a great story. I haven't looked anybody up, don't know why. I do plan to put up a my space page at some point. In my copious spare time, ha!

Looking forward to your upcoming release in November!!

cheryl c said...

Hi, Darcy. I am glad that you are blogging today because I needed to ask you a question. I have e-mailed Manuscript Mavens several times but I haven't received a reply. I never did receive the prize that I won in July during the anniversary jamboree. Is there another e-mail that I should contact? Thanks!

Erica Ridley said...

We will get your prize to you!

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