Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Maven Erica Ridley Most of you know how I feel about goals. Last year around this time, I yammered on about how they must be specific, quantifiable, realistic, and attainable, and how above all, you (er... I) should be accountable for sticking to them.

Somewhere around mid-year, I fell off the write-every-day wagon.

How did this happen, given that I am the self-professed queen of making specific, quantifiable, realistic, attainable goals and sticking to them like bubble gum on shoes?

Because... I missed a bullet point. I should've added this tiny detail here:

  • Goals must be a priority

Even a goal like "get out of bed by noon" won't come to pass if it seems more important to lay in a sea of pillows with the TiVo remote and a plateful of comfort food.

So. My #1 goal for 2009 is:

Write/Revise/Plot/Daydream about my WIPs every single day, even if a few stolen moments is all I have.

1b: Because it matters.



Jackie Barbosa said...

I really love your goal, and it's pretty much my goal for 2009 as well. I don't always get to do more than THINK about the book I'm working on, but if that's all I have, it's better than nothing. And I truly believe that the longer you DON'T make it a priority, the easier it becomes just not to do it.

I just went back to look at my post from the beginning of 2008 and discovered it was "anti-resolutions." Maybe I'll post tomorrow on how I did on them, plus come up with a few new ones for 2009.

lacey kaye said...

Last year, I posted a ton of writing-related goals and some personal ones. The personal goals summed up to two things: increasing my self-confidence and improving my performance at work.

I decided to focus on the personal goals, naming 2008 "The year Lacey becomes Awesome." Many readers followed my progress through my own blog, which I've since taken down (distraction, ahem, and also my posts became too personal to put on the internet for work reasons).

I LOVED 2008. Amazing things happened: I lost 35 lbs, got promoted, dated some smokin' hot guys (and even some WITH JOBS), went skydiving, celebrated my birthday in Vegas with my best girlfriends, became BFF with "the guys" at work (I love you!), taught myself to love running and yoga, became licensed to ride a motorcycle, forced my family to Erica's house for our first-ever family vacation (hehehe...I did say this year was all about me), FINALLY signed up for facebook (oh, now THAT isn't a time suck...), learned a TON about male/female relationships, got a crackberry and discovered true internet addiction, spent Christmas in Miami and took advantage of the nightlife opportunities for the first time (I was definitely not that cool in high school), and got a 5 out of 5 on my annual performance review. And that's just what I remember.

But I didn't progress an inch on my writing goals. I KNOW I can do anything I set my mind to. But, like Erica said, writing was not a priority. I can't say for sure it's going to be a priority this year, either - it turns out, having a life is a lot of fun! and writing takes a lot of time - but maybe if I do a little less angsting over a certain guy, I can find a chapter a week in me :-)

me said...

I just started on my path to becoming a published writer and I'm so glad I stumbled upon this blog and to this post. I really gave me a good mental boost! Thanks!

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