Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Most Excellent in Blogging...and More

Maven Jacqueline BarbourI know, it's not "my day," but Maven Carrie graciously offered to swap with me, and you'll understand why later in this post. (And yes, I'm concealing my motivation and plans for the sake of suspense.)

First up on today's agenda, our friends at the Romance Vagabonds nominated the Mavens last week for an Excellence in Blogging award, which we thought was pretty darned cool (not to mention flattering). The "rules" for this award are that the recipient, in accepting said honor, shall nominate ten other blogs for the same award. Since there are five of us, however, we thought we'd split up the task amongst ourselves, and each of us award to two blogs we particularly enjoy.

My two nominations go to:

As you might expect, I like these blogs (one by a group of writers not unlike the Mavens, the other by an agent who doesn't even represent the romance genre) for completely different reasons, but they're both worthwhile and excellent stops on a writer's (or aspiring writer's) tour of the blogosphere.

Now, onto the reason you're getting me today instead of Carrie. Over the weekend, I got an initial mockup and then, yesterday, the final cover art package for Wickedly Ever After. And yeah, I'm in love...

Isn't it beautiful? I just adore the intimacy and serenity of it.

In case you're curious about the story, here's the "back cover" blurb:

Eleanor Palmer is relieved when her fiancĂ© cries off to marry another woman, but horrified when he suggests the dissolute Marquess of Grenville as his replacement. Eleanor may claim descent from the lusty King Charles II, but this proper English lady has no interest in pleasures of the flesh—she'd rather read the Classics.

Nathaniel St. Clair is infamous for his wicked ways—drinking, gambling, and fornicating—but he’s willing to give up all but one of his vices to initiate the lovely Miss Palmer into the joys of lust.

Maybe a little dirty Latin poetry will aid his cause…
You can also read an excerpt on my website and see the book video here. Cobblestone Press will release the novella on Friday, May 23, and I've very, very excited about it.

Finally, speaking of Cobblestone Press, two of my favorite Cobblestone authors, Anna Leigh Keaton and Madison Layle, have a new release this coming Friday in their very popular Incognito series. And if you stop by the new release chat at on Friday afternoon between 8 and 10 Eastern Time, you might even win a free copy of their book!

YOUR TURN: Got any excellent news to share? Excellent books or websites to promote? Do share!


Kelly Krysten said...

Congrats, Jackie! And that is a beautiful cover. I can't wait to read what's behind it!

B.E. Sanderson said...

It looks lovely, Jackie. Congratulations. =oD

In the news: I just found out about a new writing blog - The Fictionistas. Rachel Vincent's newest Werecat novel (Rogue) hit the stands officially today, as did Diana Killian's first Mantra for Murder book (Corpse Pose). And Roxanne's St. Claire's new Bullet Catcher novel (First You Run) is out, too. It's a great week in writing. =o)

Writer & Cat said...

That is a great cover!


Angie Fox said...

Great cover, Jackie! It would definitely make me pick your book up. Do you have a release date yet?

I have no excellent news, other than the fact that my husband did a load of laundry by himself last night. It's the little things. ;)

beverley said...

Gorgeous cover. Can't wait for the release.

Tessa Dare said...

Gorgeous cover, Jackie! And enticing blurb as well. I love dirty Latin poetry... :)

Darcy Burke said...

B.E., I was going to mention the Fictionistas - Amanda Brice is a fellow GH finalist - since it just launched yesterday.

Angie, LOL re: the laundry. I don't allow Mr. Burke into the laundry room except to scoop cat boxes. I actually like doing laundry. Except whites. I hate all the socks and underwear.

Awesome cover, J!

lacey kaye said...

Love love love the cover! Soooo sexy.

Santa said...

Fabulous cover, Jackie!

I second Nathan's blog. I frequently lurk there. I haven't checked out Southern Fried Chicas but it sounds intriguing.

I'd like to nominate this blog. I don't comment often but I do try to stop by.

No real news here just happy to see so many of you doing so well! Mazel Tov!

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