Thursday, July 24, 2008

Can't.Pick.Title.For.Post. (too wiped out.)

Maven Lacey KayeThe past two weeeks have been absolutely, unbelievably, wonderfully, insanely, unforgettably stupendaculous. Let me summarize:

WED: Do a little research on trysting. Find it highly entertaining.

THUR: Kayak from Renton to Mercer Island (and back).

FRI: Poker night with the guys at Bryan Crancy's.

SAT: Attend a party at the invitation of a friend's brother. Go with said friend to said party (and take own friends), ready to party, only to find out it's a Celebration of Life party i.e. funeral. @#%!.

SUN: Watch 1080p Batman Begins on friend's new PS3 (BluRay) in the comfort of own living room. Sweet.

MON: Crash friend's fitness club's 2 hour boot camp session, followed by wrecking same friend's motorcycle, ended by a cozy heart-to-heart with friend and friend's husband at dinner.


WED: Hurt like hell. Browse craigslist for motorcycles.

THURS: Hurt like hell. Sign up for motorcycle licensing course in September.

FRI: Feel marginally better. Dinner with the girls. One crazy story after another.

SAT: Work 12.5 hours, dash home to walk dog, have first-ever experience at a Turkish restaurant, followed by quality time at Del Rey, capped off with shocking drunk-text from completely inappropriate person. Delicious.

SUN: Work, then host barbeque for friend's birthday and attempt to give food poisoning to 12 people.

MON: Get food poisoning. Be rushed to medical when 2nd level manager decides to mobilize the troops at the end of a meeting. ("Have a good day out there, everyone. And oh, yeah. You guys better take care of Lacey 'cause it looks like she's dying.") Cue frantic shuffling, coddling and general insanity.

Spend rest of day wishing actually were dying.

TUES: Drag poor, cramped, burning stomach into work. Because am covering for manager. Oh. Almost forgot about that.

WED: The angels are shining down because somehow calendar magically becomes devoid of commitments. Discover no weight has been gained in past 2 weeks of slackerhood. Pay bills. Organize tickets and logistics for upcoming San Francisco and Vegas trips. Make it home while it's still daylight. Go running. Clock in under takt time. Get blog post written.

Think about sleeping sometime.

Enjoy being alive.

:-) See you in SF!


La Belle Americaine said...

Lacey, you make me feel like a slugabed. I recently realized how narrow I've made my life when I had no internet connection and no new movies to watch. School, Read, Write, Surf WWW, rinse and repeat. I need to do things I don't normally do. You are my inspiration. *g*

lacey kaye said...

If you're writing, then you're doing something I'm not!

So far, I haven't found a way to be 110% involved in Life *and* want to write.

I refuse to feel guilt over it. But envy...I can do envy :-)

Santa said...

Kindly explain how it is you are a slacker. Looks like you've grabbed life with both hands while it swung you around, bumping you along the way!

My summer is a series of drop offs and pick ups and when I'm not doing that, I'm coordinating said drop offs and pick ups. This week I'm the deli diva in charge. Lucky me while my brother samples the best Pinot Noir Oregon and Washington have to offer. Rat bastard.

But that's okay since I'll be in San Fran next week at a huge Squee fest and taking in all that I can from so many talented other people so that when I return home I can write 'twixt the dropping off and picking up!

Glad to hear you're better. I'll get back to you about getting the motorcycle license, lol.

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