Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy Fourth!

Maven Jackie BarbosaI'm blogging today from beautiful Lindstrom, Minnesota, where we're visiting my aunt and uncle for a week before driving back to sunny Southern California. Naturally, there has been no writing for the past few days, but plenty of inspiration as we drove through places like Monument Valley (Tony Hillerman country), Durango, Colorado, and along the Mormon trail through South Dakota. On the way back, I'm hoping to hit Deadwood. Who knows, maybe I'll get the inspiration I need to write that hot Western historical (I hear they're making s comeback).

Since I'm on vacation and I imagine a lot of you are, too, this will be a brief post wishing you a safe and happy holiday weekend (assuming you're in the US, of course!) and all the hot dogs and fireworks you can stand!

Take care and we'll see you next week!


Lisa Hendrix said...

Hey, if you went through Durango, does that mean you went over Wolf Creek Pass and through the San Luis Valley? I used to live in Del Norte! Gorgeous country. I'd move back in a heartbeat.

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