Friday, July 18, 2008

First Anniversary Jamboree!

Welcome to the final day of the Mavens' First Anniversary Jamboree! Thanks so much for being with us this week and celebrating our first year. We want to especially thank the guest authors who bared their souls this week:

Alesia Holliday aka Alyssa Day
Angie Fox
Anna Campbell
Amie Stuart
Debra Dixon
Debby Mayne
Delilah Marvelle
Elissa Wilds
Jennifer Haymore
Julie Leto
Karen Lingefelt
Roxanne St. Claire
Tanya Michaels
Teri Brown
Terri Garey
Tessa Dare
Virginia Henley

Now, before we announce this week's winners, we have one final question to share.

If you could pick one of your books to make into a movie, which one would you choose and who would star in it?

Alesia Holliday aka Alyssa Day

7 Ways to Lose Your Lover starring Katherine Heigl.

Claiming the Courtesan (although it would definitely have an adult rating!) with Richard Armitage as the Duke of Kylemore and Olivia Hussey in her 20s as Verity. I'm assuming I can time travel on my casting!

True Pretenses starring Eric Bana and Kate Winslet.

Debra Dixon
Check out her YA story in the WITCH HIGH anthology coming in October. Debra's Belle Books has great summer titles available and is excited about the launch of Belle Bridge Books.
BAD TO THE BONE. Without a doubt. Starring Eliza Dushku and Daniel Craig (but that's just because I rarely cast in my head and time is too short to seriously consider the male lead. I mean really. One would need massive amounts of time to review their photos and then to audition. )

Tanya Michaels, author of A DAD FOR HER TWINS, a "State of Parenthood" book from Harlequin American Romance, in stores Sept 08! (Tanya's also a speaker at RWA this year!)
One of the most exciting things that's happened to me in my career is that a production company showed some interest in my book MOTHERHOOD WITHOUT PAROLE...sadly, nothing ever came of it. I think MAID OF DISHONOR, my debut romantic comedy, would have made a great movie, but movies about the maid of honor trying to stop the wedding have been DONE (most recently, and cutely, by blue-eyed Patrick Dempsey). Hmmm. I'm honestly not sure. I can see DATING THE MRS. SMITHS or NECESSARY ARRANGEMENTS being pretty solid women's movies, but the latter would definitely make people cry. I'd rather make audiences laugh, but they'd lose the humor in the characters' thoughts--unless I took a page from Meredith Grey or Veronica Mars and relied on voice-overs. Must think this over more before I issue a casting call... Oh, wait, I got it! I have a comedy coming out next spring, MISTLETOE CINDERELLA, which will be the third in my Mistletoe series, kicking off Nov 08. It's a funny mistaken identity story with (IMO) charming and misguided characters. I like Jewel Staite for Chloe, because Jewel (probably best known for Firefly/Serenity) can be believably awkward/nerdy but is also charismatic and lovely. For the hero, Dylan... maybe Jensen Ackles.

Amie Stuart
Probably NAILED because I could SO see Eliza Dushku bashing in Wynn’s knee with a bat and then not apologizing for it. She’s hot, sexy and tough. For Wynn……hmmmm that’s a tough call. Maybe Nathan Fillion even though he doesn’t really LOOK anything like Wynn I could see him pulling the part off (and he’s hot in that cute aw shucks sorta way).

THEN YOU HIDE with Paul Walker and Scarlett Johanssen.

Jeremy, the hero of Goddess of the Hunt, was quite consciously modeled after Clive Owen. And maybe a brunette Amy Adams as Lucy - she doesn't look much like her, but she could pull off the sass and physical comedy perfectly.

Between Light and Dark. I think it would make a bang up action/romance. For the hero: Clive Owen. For the heroine: that one’s more difficult. When writing it I sort of pictured a younger, plumper Sandra Bullock. Could it be me? I would love to star with Clive.

Oh, definitely DEAD GIRLS ARE EASY. The heroine would be played by Zoeey Deschanel, and the hero by David Boreanz.

Virginia Henley
A WOMAN OF PASSION starring Catherine Zeta Jones.

Our winners this week are:

Phyllis Towzey
Cynthia Sherrick Mitchell
Elyssa Papa

We have five books (3 by Alesia Holliday aka Alyssa Day, 1 by Debby Mayne, and your choice of Notorious or Infamous by Virginia Henley) and four query letter critiques. Email the Mavens to claim your prize. It's first come, first pick!

Who would you invite to dinner:
1) Karen Lingefelt - B, Laura Ingalls Wilder
2) Debby Mayne - E, Elvis
3) Julie Leto - D, J.K. Rowling
4) Virginia Henley - C, King Charles II of England
5) Delilah Marvelle - A, Edith Wharton

Five MaveFaves were 2/5 with their guesses, but that's the best anyone could do!

Who traveled to the Orkney Islands north of Scotland? Since we were talking about distances, if you know Anna Campbell lives in Australia, you might've deduced this is quite a way to travel! All of our MaveFaves correctly guessed Anna!

Which three authors have been to the Philippines?
Alesia Holliday, Tessa Dare, and Amie Stuart. Kimmyl got the only 100% right answer this week on these two Tuesday questions!

For karaoke, our favorite authors sing...
1) Terri Garey - C, Crazy for You by Madonna
2) Elissa Wilds - E, Wake Me Up Inside by Evanescence
3) Teri Brown - G, Ah Leah by Donny Iris
4) Virginia Henley - A, New York, New York
5) Anna Campbell - B, Tainted Love!
6) Jennifer Haymore - D, My Sharona
7) Amie Stuart - F, Edge of Seventeen by Stevie Nicks

These were tought! Our authors are brave souls! Let's see who we can get to sing in San Francisco...

Extreme activities...
Delilah Marvelle climbed the Mayan ruins in Belize
Karen Lingefelt is the hero raising an autistic son
Jennifer Haymore sailed across the Pacific and swam with sharks
Alesia Holliday repelled down the side of a mountain
Roxanne St. Clair white water rafted in Idaho
Amie Stuart took a dare and went parasailing
Debra Dixon allowed herself to be pulled on a a glass-bottom boat
Virginia Henley braved the Skiddaw and Helvellyn Mountains in England


Erica Ridley said...

Thanks, guest mavens! And super-congratulations to all the prize-winning MaveFaves!!!

Carrie Ryan said...

Awesome!! I echo Erica's huge thanks!!

Elyssa Papa said...

What a great week to celebrate your anniversary! Congrats, Mavens!

And congrats to the winners! (Me included) LOL

Jackie Barbosa said...

Thanks to our guest mavens and a big whoop to the winners! We love you all.

Terri Garey said...

I, for one, would pay big money to see Anna Campbell sing "Tainted Love"... :-)

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, Mavens, it's been a great week! Happy birthday and congratulations! And congratulations to all the lucky prizewinners.

Terri, how MUCH money are we talking about?

Darcy Burke said...

Thank you guest Mavens for such an awesome week! And congrats to the MaveFaves - and more thanks for hanging out with us!

I'm all over Anna singing Tainted Love. Terri, I'll go in with you.

Vicki said...

WhooHoo!!! This has been such a fun week! Thanks to all the authors and to the Mavens.

Alyssa Day said...

Happy anniversary all!! And I have to admit that's the funniest typo I've seen in a long time - instead of rAppelling down the side I evidently rEpelled people all the way down the side of a mountain!! ROFL!!!
Of course, with my voice activated software, my warrior leaned on his BEER instead of his SPEAR so this has been the week for funny!!!

Karen Lingefelt said...

Many thanks to all the Mavens for letting me play!

Erica--I love your new look!

Anonymous said...

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Angie Fox said...

Happy anniversary, Mavens! Thanks for letting us play this past week - and for the last year!

Santa said...

I had no idea I won anything! How cool is this!

Congrats to all the winners and many thanks to the Mavens for hosting such a fun week and to all the authors who participated!

Tres cool!

Now, just how do I write you guys and how do I choose or get my goodie(s)?

See you in SF!

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