Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Only Thing that Matters at Conference

Maven Darcy BurkeAnd no, I'm not talking about Spanx (which is still really, really important). Anyone else shocked the RWA conference is next week? I can't very well say this crept up on me, but wow, did time fly. I'm feeling slightly more prepared than last year, but that's probably only because I don't have to ready the one thing that gave me fits last year: pitching. Not that I'm not, er, ready with a two-line spiel about Glorious, my GH-finalist manuscript. From what I'm told, the GH-finalist ribbon on my nametag will practically ensure that anyone and everyone will ask what my book is about. So, I'd better be ready! Especially if one of those somebodies is an editor with Glorious on their desk!

As for the rest:

Outfits? Check
Preprinted handouts for workshops I plan to attend? Check
Highlighted schedule? Check
Business cards? Check
Cool new name tag holder with various pins? Check
Extra space for copious books? Check
Insane amounts of excitement about hooking up with all my writing pals? Double check!

Neuroses? In spades, baby because this list nowhere near covers everything I need to remember - both what I'm bringing to San Francisco and what I need to organize for the Burkettes at home. See, I need to be extra organized because Mr. Burke is joining me in San Francisco for the Golden Heart/RITA ceremony Saturday night. He flies in Saturday afternoon and then we're heading home Sunday.

Doubtless you've read a gazillion blogs over the past couple of weeks about conference: what to wear, what not to wear, how to pitch, how to network, best uses of your time, blah, blah. The only bits of advice I offer is to try to get enough sleep and have a great time. (Yes, I realize the first might preclude the other, especially if you're a night owl and can't say no to an invitation to hang out with agents, editors, RITA-winning authors, that cool writer you met at lunch who loved The Dark Knight as much as you did, ahem.) We've talked before about how great local chapters are for the writing comaraderie. Well the RWA National Conference (I guess it's really international as I know plenty of folks from Britain, Canada, and Australia are joining us) is a fantastic way to OD on that kinship and love of all things writerly. So, go forth and have fun. I hope to have some with you!

Any advice about conference? What's your favorite part? Anything in particular you're looking forward to this year?


Jackie Barbosa said...

My favorite part of last year's conference was meeting and hanging out with other writers. The energy and camaraderie is just amazing. If anything, I'm looking forward to this aspect of the conference even more this year, because I know just how great it is.

Of course, this year, I'm actually anticipating the GH ceremony with great excitement, because I have dear friends with a shot at winning. Last year, I only knew one finalist. This year, I know FOUR! How nifty is that?

I have to admit I don't get too caught up in the whole wardrobe issue. I just bring along a bunch of coordinating items and hope for the best. That said, I AM desperately trying to replace my dressy black flats (which are hopelessly beat up after years of wear) before I leave. I'm not having much luck, though! Everything's either too high-heeled and hopelessly uncomfortable or doesn't seem to be available in my size (10, ugh).

Anyone want to commiserate?

Bill Clark said...

the GH-finalist ribbon on my nametag will practically ensure that anyone and everyone will ask what my book is about

How cool is that?!

Hope you have a great time!

Angie Fox said...

Okay, this is really sad but one of my favorite things about the conference is staying at the hotel, where I don't have to pick up after anyone, make the beds or cook! Sad, sad, sad.

I'm also very excited about seeing people I only get to see at RWA, and about going to my very first booksigning (Wednesday at the literary signing).

As far as packing, planning and choosing outfits, Darcy can you come to my house tonight?

Kendra said...

Spanx is a must under those slinky long gowns. After three kids...well, you know.

Looking forward to getting together with you finally! It's not like you live a mile away or something. Oh! Wait a minute. You do!

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