Tuesday, July 8, 2008

What your characters feel...

Maven Carrie RyanWhen you read this... I'll be asleep.  Or I might be out crabbing.  Or reading.  Or sitting in the sun watching the tide change.  As I said last week, I'm taking a few days off this week and that means not spending a lot of time online either :)  One of the things I'm reminded of being at the beach is ambiance.  Those things that are hard to remember when you're far away -- the random sounds in the background, the angle of the sun, the feel of the breeze and the way spartina bends in the air.  We're told as writers to incorporate the 5 senses into our writing and even when I try to remember to do this, it's easy to forget those senses that constanly hum in the background.  Those sounds that we take for granted.So it's nice to be here remembering all of that since my current WIP is set near the ocean.  I close my eyes and imagine my characters, wondering what they'd be doing.  It's led to some interesting plot ideas :)What do you do when you find yourself in settings or situations that your characters may face?  Do you ever wonder what your character would do?  Wonder what they'd experience taking a few mental notes?


Diana Peterfreund said...

I had no idea what spartina was. Had to look that one up. We don't have that in Florida. We have sea oats.

Have a great vacation!

As for you question, yes, I often "try out" the things my characters do. In ROSB, it was a bit challenging, as I *love* the water and I didn't know what it felt like to not swim. I actually acted out the entire "swimming lesson" scene.

Erica Ridley said...

I imagine and/or act out things as well. I'm told my expression mirrors that of my characters as I write, which gives me a generally psychotic appearance. Lovely.

P.S. to D:
Shoulda asked me. I know all about not being able to swim...

Bill Clark said...

Just bringing up the rear here to say that I, too, had no idea what spartina was. Even though I now realize I've seen it countless times. At first I thought it was a soft drink! :)

And w00t for Erica's new image!!

Darcy Burke said...

Interesting question for me today as I'm trying to figure out how to play five card loo. We had another couple over last night and I should've made them play, although ideally I'd get at least five people.

Anyone want to come over and play five card loo with me?

Vicki said...

I do act out things my characters are doing, right down to running their fingers through their hair when frustrated. Just to get the feeling.

When working with my cp, it's very common to see me stand up and pretend to do something in the scene. Probably looks weird but it helps me.

E - Love the new look

Darcy - Would love to come play the game, but it's a bit far. :)

D - We really need you to come visit! Missing you bunches in the land of Tarans.

B - I thought it was a soft drink too.

lacey kaye said...

Darcy, I can come!

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